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Carlos "D" Dengler was born April 23, 1974, is the bassist for New York indie rock band Interpol. Guitarist Daniel Kessler approached Dengler in 1998 and asked him about joining his band while they were both attending New York University. Dengler was studying philosophy and history at the time and wanted to pursue a career as an academic, but was coaxed into joining the band along with lead singer Paul Banks.

Carlos is half German and half Colombian. He believes that his name is ethnically confusing for people and prefers to be called Carlos D. He used to play the keyboards when Eric Altesleben wasnft touring with the band. He currently pursues another of his passions while not on tour: DJfing. He mostly spins 80fs/new wave music but also throws more obscure and current tunes into the mix. He has also remixed the song "Night On Fire" by the band VHS Or Beta and Interpol's own "Public Pervert".

Carlos D's trademark style is marked with strident staccato bursts, a clean tone brought about by his fender jazz bass, and octave jumps, almost in a disco-like fashion.

Reflecting his decadent style and philosophy, Dengler is considered the biggest partier of the group.


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